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Going green is on the rise, especially in Boston. How exactly can someone “go green?” Below are several ways and this project illustrates the benefits of going green and its importance.

Eco-Friendly Eating
The concept of “green dining” has revolutionized how restaurants do business. Whether you are into fine dining, grabbing a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop or a burrito for lunch, you can find green elements everywhere you turn. This is a look at the restaurant and food service industry and how it has been transformed by “going green.”

Design by Nature
The world of eco-friendly fashion and textiles is a movement that is constantly pushing forward. Take a deeper look beyond the t-shirt at the department store and learn what eco-conscious educators, designers, and consumers are doing today.

Eco-Lessons 101
Green education is also a way to go green, allowing people to learn the short-term and long-term benefits of ecological sustainability.

Green Tourism
Finally, another way is through green tourism, a new way to travel responsibly and benefit the environment, while enjoying and exploring natural surroundings.