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In this day and age, communities are ever changing. Whether you belong to a community of pet owners, a community of travelers or a community based on a certain demographic, communities are a part of our daily lives. This section highlights some of the communities that are moving with the times.

Travelers use online and in-person travel networks to form relationships both at home and on the road.

Pet owners are facing new struggles as well as new things to do with their pets when living in the city.

Even how our younger generation is educated is changing, in particular sexual education. Experts and students at two local colleges talk to us about how sex-ed is straying away from the birds and the bees.

Travel Networks

Travel at Home

Long-Term Travel

Volunteer Vacations

Boston Hostels

Teens and Sex


Dorm Life & Sex

Same-Sex Sex Ed

Sex Ed 101

Pets in the City

Animal Abuse: A look at the case types that are most prevalent in Boston.

The Abuse Connection

Four Paws: Therapy on a different level

Shopping for Pets: Sometimes Couture.

The economic affect on our furry friends