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Community Involvement

Immigrants' New Frontiers

Workers ask for equality
Immigrant workers ask for equality on the job.

Seeking higher education
Undocumented immigrants plead for easier access to higher education.

A haven in health care work
Immigrants find a haven in health care.

Helping hands for immigrants
Helping hands reach out to the immigrant community.

Brooklynne Kelly PetersBrooklynne Kelly Peters, 23, is an aspiring arts and entertainment journalist who loves telling interesting stories.

Amy CarboneauAmy Carboneau, 26, is a reporter, photographer, writer, waitress, bartender, intern and Bostonian -- but a Vermonter at heart.

Ned PrickettNed Prickett is a 25-year-old journalist from South Carolina currently living and working in Boston.

Jui Ting YuJui Ting Yu, 28 and a Mandarin speaker with English proficiency, is determined to be a voice for Chinese people who can’t speak English.