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Pets in the City

Pet owners are merely one community in the big city of Boston. Owners gather together in parks to let their animals play, meet for play dates at animal day care and swamp helpful information about veterinarians to warm winter coats.

Despite people living in condos and apartments there are many dogs found walking in the parks, cats sitting in windows and small furry animals in cages. Boston has approximately 151,000 households and many with pets.

Living in a city can be tough on pets and in turn on their owners. Finding the appropriate place for dogs to play or where to buy pet supplies is often a challenge in cities with tight apartment and expensive parking spaces. But, just like pet owners everywhere people also have to be wary of animal abuse and the realities of owning and taking care of their pet.

City life for a pet offers many exciting things that suburbs might not. Some things include plenty of dog parks, lots of boutiques to pamper a pet, and dog walkers that will allow dogs to interact with dogs and have “friends”.


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