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Unconventional Worship

Animal Worship
A Gordon College student worries that care for animals may be distracting people from the "true work of God". But others argue that care for animals is also in God's plan.

Muslim-Christian Love
The Muslim-4-Christian dating website looks to connect Muslim and Christian people together through love. But one person tells his story on how his interfaith relationship is struggling to survive.

Loving More Than One
There is nothing wrong with loving more than one person...or is there? The Unitarian Universalist denomination is one of the only churches where the polyamorous community is accepted. But some say this is not always the case.

Queer Christianity
God says whosever believes in him should not parish. Does that invitation also extend to the GLBT community? The GLBT community thinks so and they're ready to recover God's promise that they too can be saved.

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